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Agenda Review Meeting Notes from Jan 2022

The Agenda Review meeting is an opportunity for staff to report on Agenda Items where Planning Commissioners may need a deeper-dive or there have been a number of questions and comments.

#9 12-B-21-SP / 12-G-21-RZ Alcoa Hwy / Martha Washington Heights has been tabled and will not be heard at the meeting this month.

#14 1-E-22-RZ Emory Rd / Tazewell Pike - provided background report. One question about how everything immediately surrounding this is lower density; information that there is some RB (Residential B) zoning a little farther south that allows up to 12 du/ac by right.

#20 1-K-22-RZ / 1-D-22-SP Tazewell Pike and Shannondale Rd - Staff recommending against MDR and RB. There was a governmental-led rezoning a number of years ago that actually down-zoned this area to low-density, not a transition area between commercial and LDR, there are no sidewalks or transit stops so this doesn't meet any criteria to be medium-density residential. Also noted that prior cases and plats have specifically noted the sinkholes and issues of development. No questions from commissioners.

#23 1-N-22-RZ / 1-E-22-SP Turner Homes Andes Rd just south of Ball Camp: request for MDR / PR @ 7 du/ac; staff recommends keeping LDR and approving PR @ 5 du/ac. Note that Schaad Rd extension is mapped and in-progress.

#26 1-SB-22-C / 1-G-22-UR Mission Hills concept plan - provided additional background that a prior concept plan was approved for most of this, then the owner acquired additional property on Mission Hill Lane and added additional lots. Lots of questions about access to those lots on Mission Hill Lane, a boulevard-style street with a median - questions about u-turns, suggestion of shared driveway access. Noted that ROW is significant - about 21 feet between edge-of-pavement and the property line where some work could be done in the ROW area on shared driveways, etc.

#31 1-F-22-UR Wesley Hicks / Gibbs Rd - recommended postponement to Feb 10 meeting; have not heard from applicant and unsure what they wish to ask for.

#35 1-D-22-SU 4420 Chapman Hwy - recommend postponing for 30 days - need information from adjacent property owner - will be an oil-change type place but design requires vehicles to turn around at back of property and will cross over onto other property. Language in deeds allowing ingress / egress at that line is confusing; need clarification from adjacent landowner which staff has not received

#30 1-E-22-UR Everett Rd & Yarnell Rd - proposed apartments - staff required Type A landscaping shown on landscape plan on west side next to pool / clubhouse due to close existing residence. Town of Farragut has asked about sidewalks being required along Everett Rd and that Farragut will build out greenway to edge of property. Knox County Engineering agrees they would maintain sidewalks if installed by development; sidewalks will be discussed at Thursday meeting and planning commission will consider to add them.


An update was provided on the Comprehensive Land Use and Transportation and Transportation Plan. The County Mayor introduced the project manager from the consulting company, who announced that initial meetings and background report data gathering is underway. The project is named "Advance Knox" and the website is Members of the public are invited to apply to be on the stakeholder advisory committee.


Regarding the Planned Residential Zone - there was work in 2020 and 2021 to review and identify updates to it. Staff will reconvene the Planned Residential Stakeholder Committee by end of Feb 2022 to review suggested changes, present them in March to Planning Commission for comment, and then a final draft for vote in April, followed by a vote at County Commission in May.


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