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Gibbs Post-Meeting Follow-Up

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

If you made it in-person, thank you for participating!! If you were unable to make it, you can still participate.

Final Thoughts and Follow-Up Items

  1. We need helpers and volunteers for Gibbs Planning Advocates. Drop a line to if you would like to help!

  2. Please "Sign In" by filling out this form - we will sign you up for our email list and keep you informed about upcoming events or issues.

  3. Fill out the Vision Gibbs Survey to register your ideas or opinions regarding growth and land use.

  4. Like the Gibbs Planning Advocates Facebook Page to follow it for future events

  5. Sign Up for Email Updates for the Advance Knox project - the new Comprehensive Land Use Plan for Knox County.

Slides presented at the meeting:

Gibbs PA Jan 27 2022 Presentation
Download PDF • 5.90MB

Link to Meeting Recording (to-be posted)

2015 Northeast County Sector Plan. Pages 29-30 contain the Mixed Use Special District guidelines for Harbison Crossroads and the recommendation to put a Small Area Plan together after the middle school was built. And here's the 2017 East County Community Plan, which the Midway / Seven Islands / East Knox community initiated after the Midway Business Park was approved.

If you're interested in rural / farm preservation, a few links that are helpful


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