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KCPA To Work With Knoxville Office of Neighborhoods

KCPA is proud to announce that we have been asked to join numerous other community minded groups working with the city of Knoxville's Office of Neighborhoods!

KCPA will be listed as one of Knoxville's community resource groups and will offer a 3 part community engagement workshop series in late summer, early fall. We are excited to share with others what we do and how they can get involved!

Knoxville Neighborhood Advisory - Vol. 14, No. 18 -

Tuesday, May 11, 2021 PDF version: To subscribe to this newsletter via email, fill out this form at You will then receive an automated email. Reply to this automated email to secure your free subscription.

1. ONE Wishes Eden Well

2. Neighborhood Advisory Council Hears About Urban Sustainability

3. Have You Heard of the Knox County Planning Alliance?

4. Board of Zoning Appeals Meets Next Tuesday

5. Planning Meets This Thursday

6. National Night Out October 12

7. Knoxville Tree Board Sponsors Webinar

8. Knoxville Neighborhoods Calendar (click link for online


3. Have You Heard of the Knox County Planning Alliance?

The Knox County Planning Alliance (KCPA) is a local non-profit made up of people and organizations that advocate for intentional and anticipa

ted growth. They have gained experience working with developers, Knoxville-Knox County Planning, neighborhood organizations, the City of Knoxville, Knox County government and more. They created the non-profit in order to share what they have learned. They are interested in helping Knoxville grow responsibly.

Your neighborhood may want to reach out to this group to learn how KCPA could help in the future, if a development comes to your area. Alternatively, your neighborhood could wait until development is coming, and work with them through the process.

The Office of Neighborhood Empowerment is working with KCP

A to bring a three-part series of workshops to the public this fall. The workshops will address land use, how to organize around a new development, and tips for engaging with neighbors and developers. Watch for future articles on this workshop series.

For more information or assistance, email Kim Frazier at

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Published by the City of Knoxville’s Office of Neighborhood Empowerment, we report news important to Knoxville’s residential neighborhoods. Include your neighborhood-related event or meeting in this space. Call 215-3232. News deadline: 12 noon on Fridays.


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