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Sept 2021 Planning Agenda Overview

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

The Sept 2021 Knoxville-Knox County Planning Commission Meeting is Thursday, Sept 9, at 1:30PM. The Agenda Review meeting is Tuesday, Sept 7 at 11:30AM.

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Request To Speak - sign up by 3PM Wednesday

Submit Comments - submit by 3PM Wednesday

Items that KCPA is keeping an eye on this month:

#9 4114 West Beaver Creek Dr 8-G-21-RZ near Powell Levi Park. Rezoning to PR - requested 5 du/ac, staff recommends 3.5 du/ac, 8 acres

# 10 Ball Camp Pk across from Bakertown Rd 9-A-21-RZ rezone 19 acres from RZ to Planned Residential at up to 5 du/ac, 8.8 acres of non-hillside land including 5 of 25% or greater slope.

#13 350 S Gay St 9-E-21-RZ a proposed 16-story building in a vacant area of Gay St. Inside of Knoxville has an excellent overview.

#16 11000 and 12000 block of Hardin Valley Rd 9-I-21-RZ southeast corner of Hardin Valley Rd and Marietta Church Rd intersection. Rezoning Ag and CA and PR land to CA and CR and PR

#20 11751 Black Rd across from Marietta Church Rd (adjacent to #21) 7-C-21-UR 18 lots with staff concern over potential need to widen Hardin Valley Rd

# 21 - 12119 Hardin Valley Rd 9-C-21-UR Use on Review and Concept Plan for 80 lot development at 2.2 du/ac across from Marietta Church Rd. Requires greenway easement on south side of Connor Creek. Zoning pending at Knox County Commission Sept 27 meeting.

#22 - Southeast side of the intersection of Walker Springs Road and E. Meadecrest Drive 8-A-21-UR - a 12 unit detached dwelling units with a common parking lot. Challenges of the site include petro pipeline easements, drainage swales, sinkholes, and adjacent single family residential with landscape requirements.

# 23 - 1575 Harris Rd Use on Review for Contractor's storage yard. 9-A-21-UR Staff recommendation includes requirements for landscape screening and to direct light away from adjacent residential property.

#26 - 4315 Rutledge Pike to Special Use for proposed Drive-through facility for eating and drinking (Council District 6) 9-B-21-SU An existing convenience store with gas pumps and car wash will be replaced by a new convenience store with gas pumps and a small drive-through restaurant, appears to be a Hardees from submitted sign drawings.

#30 - Planned Development for downtown stadium 9-A-21-PD, east of the Old City. A number of exceptions to zoning ordinance are requested, including exceptions for lighting and signage.


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