Update: December Staff Recommendations and Final Agenda posted

Staff recommendations for each item and the Final Agenda have been posted for the December 2021 Planning Commission Meeting.

Two very large developments - one in Hardin Valley (item #16 - Couch Mill Rd) (requested PR 3 du/ac, staff recommendation for 2 du/ac) and one in South Knox County (#8 - Dry Hollow) (requested 3 du/ac; staff recommendation for 3 du/ac for 64 acres and 1 du/ac for 95 acres). Hardin Valley is particularly active this month with a number of concept plans and an additional rezoning (#18 - Ball Homes)


Agenda Review Meeting - Tues, Dec 7th, 11:30AM, Small Assembly Room. Not broadcast.

Submit comments - due no later than 3PM Wed, Dec 8th. Strongly suggest getting comments in by Monday evening Dec 6th.

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Map of Active Cases

Planning Commission Meeting - Thurs Dec 9th 1:30PM, Large Assembly Room, City-County Building. Tips for Attending a Planning Commission Meeting

Below are the ones KCPA believes will merit discussion or raise significant interest with surrounding neighbors and we are keeping our eye on:

Hardin Valley

Rezonings - approx 159 acres

# 7 - Vinit Sharma 11-E-21-RZ, 2106 Schaeffer Rd, 4 acres, AG & TO to Planned Residential & TO up to 4 du/acre. Within the Planned Growth Area adjacent to mixed used development. Staff recommendation to approve up to 3 du/ac.

#16- Safe Harbor Residential 12-I-21-RZ, 11636 Hardin Valley Rd / Couch Mill Rd, 131.7 acres, Current zoning is Rural / AG (less than 1 du/acre) to Requested zoning is PR up to 3 du/acre, this property is within the Rural Residential Sector Plan land use designation (up to 3du/acre)/HP hillside protection, adjacent to AG (less than 1 du/acre) on all sides, 393 total residential lots: 279 single family homes and 114 townhomes. Transportation Letter Staff recommendation to approve at 2 du/ac.

#17- Mary Gooden, 12-J-21-RZ, 2412 Smithland Lane, 1.09 acres, AG to RA, LDR. Staff recommendation to approve RA zoning

#18 - Ball Homes, 12-B-21-SP / 12-K-21-RZ, 2205 West Gallaher Ferry Road, 23.80 acres, AG to Sector Plan Rural Residential / Zoning Planned Residential at 4du/acre. Located in Rural Area. Staff recommendation to approve PR at 3 du/ac.

Concept Plans / Use on Review Cases: - total of 309 lots requested

#20- Amber Meadows/Ridge, 12-SA-21-C/12-A-21-UR, O Buttermilk Rd, 61 lots. Staff recommendation to approve concept plan.

#21 - Long / Donahue Subdivision, 12054 Hardin Valley Rd, 12-SB-21-C/12-E-21-UR, 46 lots on 20 acres. Staff recommendation to approve concept plan

#22 - Vining Mill, O English Ivy, 12-SC-21-C/12-F-21-UR, 13 lots on 4.54 acres. Staff recommendation to approve the 13 new detached dwelling lots and reduction of peripheral setback to 15 ft on lots 108-109.

#23 - Briggs Station, 1928 Marietta Church, 12-SD-21-C/12-G-21-UR, 188 lots on 94 acres. Staff recommendation to approve plan for 188 lots.

#24 - Prosperity Crossing, 13115 & O El Camino Lane, Steve Maddox, 12-SE-21-C, Site Plan, new road through development that will connect El Camino Ln and Everett Road. Staff recommendation to approve variances 1,2 & 4.


#26 - Johnson Rd and Schaad Rd just east of Amherst Elementery - Tommy Hunt - Calloway Hunt Real Estate - 12-D-21-UR - use on review request for an E-Z- Stop Food Mart with fuel pumps - Transportation Analysis. Staff recommendation to approve convenience store (6,472 sq ft) with internal restaurant with drive-through facility, and fuel station with 16 gas pumps.

South Knox

#8 - 11-B-21-SP / 11-F-21-RZ 8802 Sevierville Pike and Dry Hollow Road, Thunder Mountain Properties, Request of Sector Plan Ag to LDR and Rezoning from AG/CA/CB to Planned Residential up to 3 du/ac. 158.64 acres for a total of approximately 475 lots. Located in the Rural . Transportation Impact Letter estimates 4,231 daily trips for this development and does not analyze the service or impact of the Simpson Rd / Chapman Highway intersection. Staff recommendation to approve zoning up to 3 du/ac for 64 acres and 1 du/ac for 95 acres because of access and safety improvements of Chapman Highway (potential total of 286 units)

#12 12-E-21-RZ 2309 Maryville Pike, Bruce Duncan, Rezone from RB to Transition, County 9th District. 1.18 acres. Transition is not a frequently used zone and is not used in the area. Staff recommendation to approve because property is located in a transition area between residential and commercial development.

#14 12-A-21-SP / 12-G-21-RZ 2816 Alcoa Hwy at Mount Vernon Drive intersection, Robert Monday, 1.21 acres, sector plan from LDR to MU-SD; rezoning from RB to SC. Property to south (5.5) acres is already MU-SD/SC. Shopping Center zone requires submission of a development plan, and 50 foot buffers from adjacent residential areas. This parcel was explicitly excluded from the MU-SD3 area of the 2012 South Knox Sector Plan (starting at page 31; map on page 33). Staff recommendation to approve because a minor extension of adjacent land use/zoning and major infrastructure improvements.

North Knox

#13 12-F-21-RZ 3911 Gordon Smith Rd off Norris Freeway, Jason McMahan, County 7th. Rezone from Ag to PR 1-5 du/ac surrounded by Ag. Sector Plan LDR, with some subdivisions in the 1 mil radius. Staff recommendation to rezone to RA instead of PR

West Knox

#19 11-SC-21-C - Ashton Point Subdivision Concept Plan 225 Vanosdale Rd, 7 lots on 2.33 acres, West Hills Homeowners Association engaged in Public Comments on item. Staff recommendation to approve with 6 conditions (if Hillside Protection Overlay applies, a disturbance limitation line must be on the final plat).