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Stronger Together

Welcome to the Knox County Planning Alliance Website

The Knox County Planning Alliance is a coalition of involved citizens and community groups advocating for improved and effective planning for future development and growth in Knox County, Tennessee. We support a thoughtful planning process that takes into account the concerns of all stakeholders, analyzes the cumulative impact of development, and creates a fiscally-responsible and balanced plan for future growth.

Join us in our efforts to help our community

grow responsibly

and keep up with the latest news and events.

Latest News

Help! I saw a rezoning sign or got a postcard in the mail. What should I do to find out more?

Land use is a very emotional topic for all parties. We’ve been there. We’ve asked all the questions and done all the research. We know how overwhelming and frustrating the process can be. That is why we organized Knox County Planning Alliance (KCPA). We are not land use and planning experts; we are citizens just like you. Some of us have been addressing land use for decades, some of us are new to this, but together we have combined knowledge and perspective that we feel might be useful to others in our region. This site is simply a place of shared years of learning and experience, and we hope that you find it helpful as you organize your efforts.

The official rezoning process is detailed by the Knoxville Knox County Planning Commission and can be found here:


What you need to understand is that from the time that you receive a public notification, either by mail or signage, the process happens quickly and you will need to act accordingly.  The Applicant has had months, maybe years, to prepare for their request.  Citizens have weeks to prepare their response, so time is critically important.


We invite you to browse our site and gain a general understanding of our local land use and planning process. Then register to receive access to additional information and monthly updates.  And finally, contact us! We are happy to connect with citizens and assist in any way that we can.


Step 1 - Learn!

Use the information below to learn about the process and what you can do to support or oppose a project.


Step 2 - Organize!

    Organize your team to give yourself the best chance of success. You will need to organize your neighbors, decide if you need to hire an attorney, get support from other neighborhood groups.


Step 3 - Advocate!

    Plan a campaign to advocate for your position. Reach out to the developer, to the planning staff, to commissioners, to neighbors and other supporters with a clear message and requested actions.

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