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How do I . . . ?

How does an applicant request a rezoning?


How does an applicant request a sector plan amendment?


How can a citizen get involved?  


How can a citizen get more information?


How do we get organized?


How do I craft my message?  What is important to include?


How are citizens notified of a proposed land use?


How can I be notified of monthly land use requests?


How much time do I have to speak at meetings?  Is that time split?  What is the order of speakers?


How often are zoning requests outside of planned growth areas approved?


How often are amendments to the sector plans approved?


How are my taxes used for infrastructure costs?


How do past requests impact current requests?  


Precedent?  Past cases? How do I find those?


How can my community advocate for infrastructure improvements? 


How can we be proactive?


How much training do planning commissioners receive?  


Are they qualified? 


How are they appointed?  


What is their structure?  




How do I find out if my roads are under local or state jurisdiction?


How are the applicant’s fees calculated?

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