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Advance Knox Ideas Week Workshops - Week of March 27

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Next week is "Ideas Week" for the Advance Knox initiative. This is the is the process of creating a new land use and transportation plan for Knox County. Ideas Week are a series of 90-minute events where you'll learn about the process and work with others who care about the community in small groups through idea generation and map-based activities. It's a chance to share what's important to you.

Sunday March 27

1:30PM Gibbs Middle School cafeteria

Monday March 28

5:30PM Hardin Valley Middle School cafeteria

5:30PM Carter High School cafeteria

Tuesday March 29

Noon: Virtual (Registration required)

5:30PM - West High School library

5:30PM Northshore Elementary gym

Wednesday March 30

5:30PM Powell High School library

5:30PM South Doyle Middle School library

If there is one single thing you, your neighborhood and your community can do to influence Knox County for the next 20 years, it's attending one of these sessions!

Leaders and the consultants working on the plan need to hear from the public. Voices matter. Your input matters.

All event info is published on the Advance Knox Ideas Week Schedule For questions, reach out to the Advance Knox team at

Advance Knox published a rack card with these Common Questions: 1. What can I expect at the workshops? In a 90-minute workshop, you will learn about the process and work with others who care about the community in small groups through idea generation and map-based activities. It’s a chance for you to have your say early on in the process about what is important to you.

2. What is Advance Knox? Advance Knox is an effort to define a vision and create a plan that will guide growth, land use, transportation, economic prosperity, and quality of life in the County for years to come. This is the first time Knox County has created an integrated land use and transportation plan, and it has the potential to be transformative.

3. Why does Knox County need this plan? In general, planning is good stewardship. Knox County has long been a place that attracts new residents, invests in jobs, and has a strong sense of community pride. It is also a place that continues to rapidly change, on track for another record-breaking year for building permits. This plan will guide decisions about where and how growth occurs and where investments in infrastructure and services are made throughout the county.

3. When will the plan be completed? The project is anticipated to take approximately 18 months. Plan adoption is expected to take place in May 2023. A project timeline will be maintained to keep track of major milestones in the process.

4. How does it relate to other plans used by Knoxville-Knox County Planning? This plan will establish policies, principles, and concepts that guide future development and preservation. It will update future land use maps and policies that inform zoning, and other smaller area plans and studies.

5. How can the public get involved in this project? There will be three rounds of community engagement throughout the process. The website will share information on upcoming public meetings, surveys, and other ways to get involved, and individuals can sign up to receive email updates.

6. Are the City of Knoxville and Town of Farragut included in the plan? Both jurisdictions will participate as key stakeholders and are invested in the outcome. However, the plan will apply only to the unincorporated parts of Knox County. The County planning effort will focus on coordination among the three jurisdictions and may propose planning solutions to the City of Knoxville and Town of Farragut as appropriate.


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