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Fall Workshops with City Office of Neighborhood Empowerment

This Thursday at 6PM in partnership with the City Office of Neighborhood Empowerment, KCPA is presenting the first of 3 fall workshops on planning for neighborhoods.

The session will start at 6PM via Zoom, and will be recorded. Link to join Thursday @ 6PM:

Join the workshop to learn the basics of citizen advocacy and engagement in the local land-use and planning processes. The first workshop will be a brief introduction to KCPA, the mission, and the volunteer work conducted by the group. KCPA is a volunteer-organized community group established in 2018 to share land-use and planning experiences; advocate for long-term land-use planning, practices, policies and regulations; and educate citizens. The discussion will center around why connecting neighbors and advocacy is important, how you can learn more about land-use and planning basics, and how to organize or get involved with your neighborhood group.


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