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January Planning Commission items

The January Planning Commission Agenda is lengthy with items spread around the city and county.


Agenda Review Meeting - Tues, Jan 10th, 11:30AM, Small Assembly Room. Not broadcast.

Submit comments - due no later than 3PM Wed, Jan 11th

Request to speak - due 9AM Jan 12th

Planning Commission Meeting 1:30PM Thurs, Jan 12, Large Assembly Room

Below are the ones KCPA believes will merit discussion or raise significant interest with surrounding neighbors and we are keeping our eye on:


Council District 4

1-D-23-RZ - 4614 Washington Pike southwest of Millertown Pike intersection - rezoning 2.19 acres from RN-1 to RN-2

1-E-23-RZ - 4628 Washington Pike at Millertown Pike intersection - rezoning of 3.87 acres from RN-1 to RN-4


3rd District (West County)

1-C-23-RZ - 442 Fox Rd - rezone 2.33 acres from RA/PR to PR @ 5 du/ac

1-M-23-RZ - 9817 Dutchtown Rd, .rezoning 9 acres of a narrow, deep lot from Ag to PR @ 5 du/ac

6th District (Northwest County)

1-F-23-RZ - Ball Rd @ Schaad Rd - rezone 8.38 acres from Ag to PR @ 5 du/ac

1-H-23-RZ - 6010 Clayberry Dr - rezoning 4.96 acres from Ag to PR @ 12 du/ac in the Planned Growth area. The General Plan guides “Medium-density 6 to 12 du/ac in planned growth and urban growth areas; appropriate along collector or arterial roads, waterfronts, and as buffer zones between lower density residential and more intense uses”. Claberry Dr is not a collector or arterial road.

1-W-23-RZ - Rebecca Walls - Emory Rd just north of Oak Ridge Hwy, on Clinch River - rezone 67 acres from Ag to PR @ 3 du/ac

7th District (North County)

1-G-23-RZ - 1633 Dry Gap Pike, west side just south of Beaver Creek Dr. Rezoning of 4.76 acres from CA to CB, with adjacent residential to south and west.

8th District (Northeast / East)

1-K-23-RZ - 7614 Washington Pike - rezoning 1.74 acres from Ag to PR @ 2 du/ac in the Rural Area of northeast county.

1-V-23-RZ - 9510 Thorn Grove Pike @ Midway Rd - rezone 5.4 acres from Ag to CA near the Midway Business Park. Parcel is irregularly shaped and surrounds an existing residence on 3 sides

1-A-23-DP - Murphy Rd - The Meadows at Shannon Valley - development plan for 24 additional lots

1-E-23-DP - Beeler Rd - development plan for adding thru-access to new subdivision to the east

1-F-23-DP - Thompson Meadows - development plan for 313 lots on 108 acres at 7921 Thompson School Rd

1-G-23-DP - Development plan for Carter Ridge next to Paschal Carter Park in the Carter Community. 128 parcels- Phases 6-8

9th District (South Knox)

12-E-22-RZ - 1501 Maryville Pike - rezone 5.75 acres from CB to Transition (T)

1-P-23-RZ - Southeast corner John Sevier Hwy and Maryville Pike - rezone from CA to PR @ 12 units / acre

1-T-23-RZ - 5500 Strawberry Plains Pk - southwest corner of John Sevier Hwy intersection - rezone 8.68 acres from Ag to CA, with adjacent residential

12-A-22-DP - Attached residences on John Sevier Hwy / Sevierville Pike (40 lots on 5.15 acres). Postponed in Dec to Jan.

1-A-23-UR - request for a private shooting range on John Sevier Hwy south of the French Broad River. Numerous public comments submitted.


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