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March Planning Meeting Items


Agenda Review Meeting - Tues, Mar 8th, 11:30AM, Small Assembly Room. Not broadcast.

Submit comments - due no later than 3PM Wed, Mar 9th

Request to speak - due 9AM Thurs Mar 10th

Below are the ones KCPA believes will merit discussion or raise significant interest with surrounding neighbors and we are keeping our eye on:

North Knox

#11 2-A-22-SP / 2-E-22-RZ Dan Amannis / Store Safe Storage - 325 Murray Drive - rezone rear portion of the property from Ag to CA to extend the self storage, and rezone the front portion to RA.

#13 3-B-22-RZ MP Development Group, 704 Irwin Dr, rezone 59.97 acres to PR at up to 3.5 du/ac. Staff recommends up to 1 du/ac

North City

#10 1-K-22-RZ Perry Smith Development - 4605 Tazewell Pike northeast corner of Shannondale Rd intersection - 12.81 acres rezone to PR @ 5 DU/ac. Staff recommendation to approve the plan. Ben Mullins representing. Sidewalks for the school are approximately 550 feet away along Shannondale Rd. Sinkholes identified on property.

Hardin Valley

Concept Plans / Use on Review Cases:

#15 Safe Harbor / Couch Mill Rd - 1-DA-22-C / 1-D-22-UR / site plan / transportation analysis - concept plan and use on review for 359 lots on 131.2 acres (2.73 du/ac)

Northeast County - Gibbs

#17 Emory Rd just east of Tazewell Pike - 3-SB-22-C / 3-C-22-UR / site plan - request for 70 single family lots. Sidewalk required on Emory Rd, no interior sidewalks

Northeast County - Ritta

#18 Babelay Rd / Harris Rd / Link Rd - 3-SC-22-C / 3-D-22-UR / site plan / transportation analysis - request for 262 lots, entrances on Harris Rd and Babelay Rd. Proposes 2 “Park & amenities” areas connected with a walking trail. Pedestrian access on the eastern half of the subdivision to be provided during the design phase (condition #4)

The transportation study states:

  • At Harris Rd and Washington Pike, the northbound approach (Harris Road to Washington Pike) will operate at a LOS D during the AM peak hour and a LOS C during the PM peak hour. No improvements required

  • Babelay Rd and Harris Rd - no improvements required

  • Babelay Rd and proposed entrance: no turn lanes warranted, no improvements required

  • Harris Rd and propose entrance: no turn lanes warranted, no improvements required. Measured sight distance of more than 500 feet looking east and west at 15 feet from the edge of Babelay Rd pavement

  • No improvements to Harris Rd required, but if any are made, recommend coordinating with Knox County Engineering and Public Works.

Northwest Knox - Karns

#19 Morning Ridge, Ball Rd in karns - 3-SD-22-C / 3-F-22-UR / site plan 57 lots on 19.31 acres, with a roundabout on the entrance rd and sidewalks on all interior roads


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