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Vision Gibbs Meeting Jan 27th

The newly formed Gibbs Planning Advocates announced a Gibbs community meeting:

Thursday, January 27, 6:00PM

Clear Springs Baptist Church

6:00PM - 7:30PM

Hey Gibbs Community!

Are you personally affected by traffic and road congestion in our area? Concerned about housing availability? Would you like to have sidewalks to safely walk around the community or bike to school or the park? Is preserving farmland and the rural nature of Gibbs important to you or do you think we need more commercial and residential development?

These are all issues impacted by planning and zoning in our area. The Gibbs community is seeing a lot of development interest lately, due to our three schools and attractive rural character, and there is certain to be even more development pressures in the future since Knox County is running out of land to grow.

Join us for a town-hall event for our community to start a dialogue about if, how and where we will grow. At our meeting, we’ll have a very short presentation about planning and land use, a quick “State of Gibbs” speech to set the context and give you some topics to think about, and then open the floor for discussion and questions.

This is the very first step in the process - we will need elected officials to listen and for you and your neighbors to engage. But, if we don’t start this conversation and create a vision for the Gibbs community, somebody else will make those decisions for us.

Please share this invite, and join us!

Gibbs Planning Advocates

Steering Committee members (we’re looking for a few more good hands!)

Krystal Gibson

Phillip Graves

Nadine Porter


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