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About Us

Who is the Knox County Planning Alliance?

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The Knox County Planning Alliance (KCPA) is a volunteer-organized community established in 2018 to share land use and planning experiences, advocate for long-term land use planning, practices, policies and regulations, and educate citizens.


We are an association of citizens and organizations who advocate for intentional and anticipated growth with coordinated infrastructure through long-term comprehensive planning, conservation concepts, and responsible land use and development practices.


Our Mission

-Citizen education on land use and planning practices and processes

-Public education including custom workshops and panel discussions

-Guidance on framing and crafting an effective message

-Facilitate meetings and foster relationships

-Share land use and planning resources

-Encourage reasonable and economically sustainable land-use policies

-Advocate for responsible growth and development practices

Steering Committee

Kim Frazier

Kevin Murphy

Lisa Starbuck

Board of Advocates

Diette Crockett, Citizen, East Knox County
Kassandra Courtney, Keep Urban Wilderness Peaceful
Mary English, League of Women Voters Knoxville/Knox County
Kim Frazier, Hardin Valley Planning Advocates
Joyce Feld, Scenic Knoxville
John Gulley
Amanda Latham, Hardin Valley Planning Advocates
Diane Montgomery
Lee Muller
Kevin Murphy, Northeast Knox Preservation Association
Corinne Rovetti, Keep Urban Wilderness Peaceful
Larry Silverstein, Community Forum
Lisa Starbuck, Northeast Knox Preservation Association

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