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January Planning Meeting Items


Agenda Review Meeting - Tues, Jan 11th, 11:30AM, Small Assembly Room. Not broadcast.

Submit comments - due no later than 3PM Wed, Jan 12th

Request to speak - due 9AM Jan 13th

Below are the ones KCPA believes will merit discussion or raise significant interest with surrounding neighbors and we are keeping our eye on:

South Knox

#9 12-A-21-SP / 12-G-21-RZ 2816 Alcoa Hwy at Mount Vernon Drive intersection, Robert Monday, 1.21 acres, sector plan from LDR to MU-SD; rezoning from RB to SC. Property to south (5.5) acres is already MU-SD/SC. Shopping Center zone requires submission of a development plan, and 50 foot buffers from adjacent residential areas. This parcel was explicitly excluded from the MU-SD3 area of the 2012 South Knox Sector Plan (starting at page 31; map on page 33). Staff recommendation to approve because a minor extension of adjacent land use/zoning and major infrastructure improvements.

From the Dec Agenda Review meeting notes: asking to extend the shopping center zone. We are discussing this item due to concerns expressed by the neighborhood adjacent. Applicant asking to extend MU-SD which allows consideration of a mix of office, commercial and SC uses. In 2016 the parcel had very limited access ot Mt Vernon Rd, but the constriction of Dresser Rd as part of Alcoa Hwy improvements have provided additional frontage for this parcel. There is additional frontage, and parcel was also reduced in size during ROW for Dresser Rd. Requires 50 foot setback when adjacent to residential and a development plan to be approved. Existing zoning could allow 3-4 houses with 10,000 sq ft lots, setbacks would be only 7-8 feet on side setbacks. Because of required development plan and significant setbacks, staff recommended extension of the shopping center zone district. Karyn Adams: What is the distance from the back of the section that is currently mixed use? Looks like there is a lot of green space between the existing shopping center and the existing houses? Appears to be at least 100 feet, maybe more. The area that is being applied for - this would be a minimum of 50 feet. Liz Albertson: given the significant setbacks for this parcel, it will be challenging to develop this on it’s own. If there was a larger redevelopment that came into this area, it would give them an opportunity to have a bigger redevelopment. Adams: Seems like this is a nicer way to get into the neighborhood instead of another shopping center. Nathaniel: Is access on Mt Vernon, or? Albertson: unsure where access is from - could be Dresser or Mt Vernon Rd - Jim Snowden unsure if TDOT or county would control. Dick Graf: same question that I had on other end with the apartments: on the sector plan, it says specifically that it was drawn up with all the changes on Alcoa Highway to be assumed to be in place. How do you say that Alcoa Highway has changed when the sector plan assumed that it was in place? Liz Albertson: The sector plan gave two alternative designs for land uses along the corridor - we didn’t know if there would be frontage roads on both sides or one side; we didn’t have a very clear idea of exactly what the design would be in 2012. It was on the table as a possibility, but we weren't sure. Graf: That’s not really how it reads.

Northeast County - Gibbs

#14 Emory Rd just east of Tazewell Pike - 1-E-22-RZ - Ben Mullins - rezone 23.49 acres from Ag to Planned Residential up to 12 du/ac. Staff recommendation to approve PR at up to 9 du/ac. Sector Plan has a Mixed Use Special District that calls for mixed uses from Tazewell Pike south, and also medium density (up to 12 du/ac) on Emory Rd on both sides of the Tazewell Pike intersection. KCPA contacted Knox County Engineering who will seek to install pedestrian crosswalks at the Tazewell Pike / Emory Rd intersection; still working through how that would be funded and when that would be required to occur. Gibbs Elementary is at capacity; Gibbs Middle and High Schools are below capacity.

#21 4904 E Emory Rd, east of Thomas Ln - 1-L-22-RZ rezone 1.94 acres from Ag to Planned Residential up to 5 du/ac. Mesana Investments (Scott Davis). Staff recommend approval.

West Knox

#16 Lake Heritage Way - Westland Dr just southwest of I-140 interchange 1-B-22-SP / 1-G-22-RZ - Mark Ridenour / Veterinary Center Development Group - Rezone from Office to Neighborhood Commercial. Planning Staff recommends Planned Commercial because it requires a development plan to go through the use on review process.

North City

#20 1-D-22-SP / 1-K-22-RZ Perry Smith Development - 4605 Tazewell Pike northest corner of Shannondale Rd intersection - 12.81 acres sector plan from LDR to MDR and rezone from RA to RB (RB allows smaller lots, multi-dwelling units less than 12 du/ac). Staff recommendation to deny sector plan and rezoning. Ben Mullins representing.


#23 1-E-22-SP / 1-N-22-RZ 1925 Andes Rd / 8531 Toutman Ln - Turner Homes rezone 14.61 acres from Ag to Planned Residential up to 7 du/ac. Staff recommend deny sector plan amendment (LDR to MDR) and approve PR up to 5 du/ac. LDR is on each side of tract.

West Hills

#24 11-SC-21-C - Ashton Point Subdivision Concept Plan 225 Vanosdale Rd, 7 lots on 2.33 acres, West Hills Homeowners Association engaged in Public Comments on item. Staff recommendation to approve with 6 conditions (if Hillside Protection Overlay applies, a disturbance limitation line must be on the final plat).

From the Dec Agenda Review meeting notes: Lots in this area are mostly 20,000 sq ft in size. REason for RA is because of larger lot sizes in this area; RA requires lot sizes of at least 10,000 (with sewer) or 20,000 (without sewer)

Hardin Valley

Concept Plans / Use on Review Cases:

#26 Mission Hills - 12041 and 12119 Hardin Valley - 1-G-22-UR / 1-SB-22-C site plan - S & E Smith Properties, 26 detached dwellings on 8.85 acres. Staff recommends approval with Lots 22-26 having access to either the internal street system or Mission Hill Lane

#30 Everett Rd south/east of the Yarnell / Everett Intersection / 1-E-22-UR and site plan and traffic impact study - 224 multifamily units (apartments/condos). Two entrances, one lined up with Hickory Creek across the street. . Planning recommendation recommends approval with some landscaping requirements on west side and notices potential noise from the pool area that may impact an existing nearby residences. No sidewalks required or proposed.


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