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Northeast Knox Meeting Info

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Thank you for attending our November 16th meeting!

if you didn't receive an email notice about this meeting from Gibbs Planning Advocates, Ritta Planning Advocates, or Kevin Murphy, then fill out this form to receive future info and updates.

Key resources

Online version of the slides from the meeting, or you may download a PDF of them here:

Growth Plan Update - Ritta Meeting
Download PDF • 4.52MB

Recommended Community Actions

  1. Review the proposed Growth Plan map to see what is changing. Additional info available on the county’s Growth Policy Plan Update page

  2. Sign up to speak at the upcoming Growth Plan Public Forum - 5PM, Mon Nov 27, Main Assembly Room of the City/County Building. Email to sign up. (Additional info on parking, etc.)

  3. Submit comments to the Committee through the web page comments form

  4. If you have relationships with any members of the Growth Plan Coordinating Committee, reach out to them!

  5. Reach out to KCPA (, Ritta Planning Advocates ( or Gibbs Planning Advocates ( if you have questions.

  6. Put Tues, Dec 19th on your calendar - tentative date for the 2nd Growth Plan Public Forum


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